Dallas prosecutors move to dismiss all charges against Anand Jon


Anand Jon Dallas prosecutors move to dismiss all charges against Anand Jon After indicting (June 2007) Anand Jon on three felony counts and dragging those charges for more than a decade, the Dallas District Attorney’s Office has now dismissed ALL   charges in response to Anand Jon’s demand for immediate trial at the Dallas Court Room of the Honorable Judge Brandon Birmingham. Anand Jon has suffered 11 years of a draconian 59 years to life prison sentence and continues to hold steadfast to his innocence. There was neither physical evidence (not a single “scratch” on anyone), nor were there any percipient witnesses to corroborate any criminal conduct. Additionally, Anand Jon passed a lie detector test to further prove his innocence. In April 2007, despite finding that Anand Jon had no history of violence, he was not a flight risk, and he was not a threat to anyone, Judge Elden Fox of the Beverly Hills’ court set Anand Jon’s bail at $1.3 million dollars, which was promptly paid. However, Beverly Hills Police Department (“BHPD”) re-arrested Anand Jon during a court hearing (Jun. 12, 2007) by convincing the Dallas Police to file these Dallas charges (the same claims that had already been investigated and rejected earlier in Dec. 2006) which in turn revoked Anand Jon’s California bail and crippled his defense. Beverly Hills Police Department Det. George Elwell testified, and the L.A. prosecution assured the L.A. trial court, that they had “met their burden” and turned over everything and had run background searches on all prosecution witnesses wherein they found no criminal records or impeachment evidence whatsoever. However, at least five criminal convictions, multiple acts of moral turpitude, and impeachment involving the prosecution witnesses has since been confirmed to have existed during that time but was withheld from Anand Jon’s defense team and the trial jury. The Brady errors and subsequent prejudice is self-evident because the jury found Anand Jon “not guilty” and/or “hung” on those complainants for whom similar criminal records or impeachment were revealed to the jury. Despite providing substantial amounts of newly discovered and previously withheld evidence by the BHPD that pointed not just to Anand Jon’s factual innocence, but showed he was the victim of a conspiracy among scorned women and disgruntled business associates, the Dallas District Attorney moved to dismiss all charges against Anand Jon for “neutral” reasons without further justification. Dallas defense counsel Rajish Jose of the Beltz Law Firm noted that the Dallas prosecutor’s purported reasons to drop all three accusers and all charges are due to Mr. Alexander’s convictions in California and the “cost of transport” from California. Such excuses are absurd and if anything, an attempt to cover up the litany of transgressions by law enforcement that caused the conviction of an innocent man in the overlapping California case. Read More.. Contact: Info@AmericanJusticeAlliance.org Free Anand Jon Alexander @Change.org

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