"Amphibiane Collection"

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Spring 2001

The Anand Jon 2K1 collection “Amphibiane” is a metaphor to the alternate states of reality that we slide in and out of…. Besides flirting with the super, sub and lack of consciousness, the collection also draws from the literal meaning of Amphibiane – co-existence on land and water. A homage to a return to our origins in the suspended animation, comfort of the blue sea. The collection uses a range of luxury fabrics (silks, georgette, specially treated/pearlized leathers, cotton blends, chiffons and micro fibers) embracing, contouring the body – much as water dances along the shores.

It is interesting to note that the proportion of water is to land is almost identical to the ratio of liquid is to flesh in our body. Similarly, the ratio in our body is to the salt ratio in sea water; emphasizing the almost invisible sacred proportions that the universe itself is operation by combing biology, chemistry, physics and more are one seamless flow between energy and matter, radiation and gravity, flesh, metal and fabrics…. A translation of these proportions into various symbols and design elements run through out the Anand Jon collections and some more obvious than the others. One of the key motifs of the collection is the lotus which blooms in the muddiest of waters… an analogy to the potential to transform oneself within the clammily of our modern lives.

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