"Ascendente Collection"

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Fall 2000

The Anand Jon Fall ‘2000 collection Ascendente, refers to the rising, considered as the most potent of the celestial influences. The foundation of the collection is best expressed by the Nava-Ratham (roughly translated as the 9-gems of destiny) an ancient astro-physical science combined with the ethereal proportions of the golden spiral (a soothing ratio of positive and negative space displayed throughout nature)
Each gem is cut at a customized angle to filter the radiations of key heavenly bodies, minimizing malefic effects and enhancing the pro active (similar combinations can be seen on the breast plate of Hebrew priests, Gnostic rituals as well as Tantric ceremonies). Embroideries and details inspired by the motions of the macro cosmos, grace the fabrics forming subtle axis points & dimensions on the body.
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