"Arorae Collection"

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Fall 2003

Anand Jon noted for his “functional luxury”, modern exotica and incorporation fine art into fashion, will be showing his latest collection. This Indian born Parsons grad has steadily ascended since his Spring¹99 debut Amazone, embraced by the who¹s who of Royalty, Society and Celebrity. Anand Jon approaches Fall 2k3 wrapped in the beauty of delicate Solstiss Bucol Lace, double sided satin silks, sexy leathers and Mink, Fox Fur accents (by saga) with Tahitian pearls ravish the collection. There is a playful yet metaphysical thread in all his creations, with Anand Jon, there is always more than meets the eye or touch.

“Arorae”: (Goddesses & Doormats) is part of a series Anand Jon is showing over the next few seasons; highlighting the sensational woman who have often determined the course of style Šquite possibly more. The Valkyries were a band of warrior Goddesses who in Nordic and Viking Myth came to fetch the souls of he fallen and the dying..in fact their power was supposed to be far as to weave the web of Vengence and passion, death & eroticaŠvery similar to the Tantric Goddess Kali and Oya (one of the 7 African Orishas).

The Valkyries (often symbolized by the “Raven”) were visible only to the humans with the “higher sight” open third eye while the average person saw something like the aurora borealis. The collection itself is viewed from the perspective of a young fallen romantic warrior who is hallucination of shimmering supermodels who are coming to take him as he dissolves from this dimension and into the light. The collection juxtapositions two extreme perceptions of women as quoted by Salvador Dali¹s surrealism (who stated there are only two kinds of women in the world “Goddesses and Doormats”) 

Anand Jon developed a passion for metals and fabrics growing up in the Southern part of India, under the tutelage of master artisans and his grandmother, one of the most influential women in his life. During these formative years, his was a deep involvement in the yogic disciplines, which set a metaphysical yet playful flavor to all of his future creations. Today, Anand Jon often pays homage to his heritage and roots, remembering the source of his intellectual and creative impulses and the journey from the exotic shores of his motherland to the metropolitan synergy of his home, New York. “functional luxury” (Women¹s Wear Daily) is an inherent trademark while sacred geometry is often an underlying structural element of the Anand Jon collections.

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