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KOCHI: Sashi Abraham won’t rest till her son Anand Jon, the high-profile Indian fashion designer now undergoing imprisonment in the US, is freed and brought back to her country.

“My son used to say ‘depression is not something we can afford. I don’t want to have a weeping mother’; his words inspire me,” Sashi told TOI here on the sidelines of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. She said the writ she had filed in the New York court would come up for hearing soon. She would have to carry on with the case in the Los Angeles court simultaneously.

Jon, who hails from Kerala, is in jail in California after he was sentenced to 59 years’ imprisonment by a court there for various crimes like rape and child abuse. “This is a clear case of racial bias that Indians have to face in the US.

My son has been framed in a corporate game and it had been the result of conspiracies by several elements. Initially, he was accused of having raped 32 women; it was brought down to 16 women and later to seven women. He had cleared a lie detector test and had challenged all the women who are hurling charges against him,” Sashi said.TOI Read more..

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