Most witnesses in Anand Jon case can’t recall anything                                                                   October 1, 2008 at 8:00:18 AM GMT+5:30 by ANI  

Los Angeles, Oct 1 (ANI): Although a string of prosecution witnesses in Anand Jon case have testified in the court, the testimony against the Indian born fashion designer remains weak as majority of them cant recall anything.

Most of the answers that witnesses gave to the defences cross-examination were I dont recall, reports

After a point, the phrase became so common that the defence lawyers had to ask if the prosecution has told the witnesses to use that phrase.

I don’t recall was particularly useful for Holly Gavel, who used the phrase over 80 times while Anthony Brooklier was cross-questioning her.

Gavel, who testified that Jon had raped her, was among the group of 11 victims  prosecutors removed just before the trial began.

However, she was called to testify, most probably to establish a pattern of Jons behaviour.

The 20-year-old who lived with Jon, paid him rent, and worked as his assistant detailed how Jon raped her in 2006, including oral and anal sex.

However, under two hours of cross-examination, she seemed unable to remember much of what was asked of her. (ANI)


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