Anand Jon

The high profile case against Anand Jon lead to the Los Angeles Superior Court, sentencing him to 59 years in prison to Life, under the California 3 strikes law, for guilty verdicts on one count of rape and multiple sexual offenses.

The “rape kit” was “negative” Anand Jon had no prior history of violence or felony convictions. He passed a lie detector test to prove his innocence, but the Jury didn’t see it.

In April 2013 the overlapping 2013 New York case featuring virtually the same witnesses as the L.A case was resolved quite favourably to Anand Jon. First the NYDA “dropped” over 3 dozen counts, and then as jury selection began, they offered a “time served” plea.

Anand Jon accepted this one count involving giving oral sex to an adult female, in exchange for many exculpatory materials from the NYDA that the LADA had not previously turned over for the L.A trial

A Writ of Habeas Corpus to get Anand Jon relief was filed March 16, 2015 by Cliff Gardiner and Ed Swanson based on several grounds and due process violations including use of false evidence Cal&1473, Sixth Amend right of confrontation and “Brady & Crawford” violations, Ineffective Assistance of counsel and additional Juror misconduct. The Los Angeles Superior/ Trial Court have since ordered a “formal response”. The overlapping Houston, Texas case was also dismissed entirely by the Harris county prosecutors without explanation as to 2014.

Anand Jon was born into a Hindu-Jewish-Christian background in Kerala, India known for its lush backwaters, coconut trees, Ayurvedic- yogic life styles ad amalgam of ancient temples and among the oldest synagogues in Asia. After completing high school at Padma Seshadri and the Jesuit run St. Michaels Academy in Chennai/ Madras, Anand Jon went to the United States on a scholarship from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

Anand Jon went to the prestigious Parsons School of Design part of the New School for Social Research in NYC, where he graduated under the mentorship of Tim Gunn of Project Runaway fame who describes the young prodigy Anand Jon as “remarkable individual …a visionary and leader” and the first to graduate with degrees in both Fashion design and Communication design. Anand Jon’s fine art was featured at the New York Art Academy and Sotheby’s.

He won a slew of prestigious awards including “rising star” (fashion week of the Americas) and his fashion creations amalgamated a Kama-Sutra- Indo Chic sensuality, with New York edginess, as he was the first Indian to debut at 7th on Sixth NY fashion week with his collections.

Anand Jon’s exclusive client list and associates include some of the most high profile celebrities, actresses, musicians, royalty and was often credited for the “it girl” phenomenon as he was instrumental in launching fashion/modeling careers of several of his close friends, who promoted each other, including Michelle Rodriguez Amanda Hearst, Lydia Hearst, Paris Hilton, Elizabeth Jagger, Marla Maples, Hannah Brontfman, Ivanka Trump, many of who debuted at Anand Jon runaway  or projects.

“If you were a wannabe, he was the perfect tailcoat to ride on” states celebrity publicists Catherine Saxton to the New York Times, April 15, 2007 Sharon Wallman.

The defense/ trial attorneys had always argued that there was conspiracy and motives that targeted Anand Jon, and triggered these false allegations, yet none of the readily available witnesses nor self authenticating evidence including online contents were introduces at trial.

Fashion Icon Gianni Versace first took notice of Anand Jon and Giorgio Armani sponsored Anand Jon catalyzing his career further.

By fall 2006 Anand Jon secured Wall Street backing via Joseph Stevens Co & Inc and launched his debut “Jeanisis” jeans line which was scheduled to headline at the L.A Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios in March 2007.

Just days before the show, Anand Jon was arrested by the BHPD based on allegations of sexual assault made by an adult female that had flown in from Seattle and stayed with him. The L.A prosecution embarked on a nationwide media campaign to find more “victims” then got the jurisdiction of Texas and New York to also file charges effectively revoking the $1, 3 million bail and then denying it completely by gridlock.

By trial the L.A prosecutors without explanation dropped majority of their actual complaints and charges (over 3 dozen) and substituted with “uncharged crimes” under PC&1108 that were more sensational such as “mafia death treats”. Because the trial court agreed that Anand Jon was not been given the constitutional right of confrontation opportunity without the discovery and grand jury testimony of some of these out of state witnesses, it had warned the prosecution was it was “rolling the dice” and calling these witnesses at the risk of a new trial being granted later, if the later unsealed NY materials turned out to have significant inconsistencies.

Appellate attorney Angelyn Gates went on to file a motion following the guidelines of the LA ruling with the New York Supreme Court, which agreed and turned over these grand jury transcripts with significant inconstancies, which have become a major ground for relief retroactively.

The trial itself had many anomalies that compromised the integrity including sever Ineffective Assistance of counsel as there was a conflict of interest within the defense team itself. The attorney in charge of investigation and motions Ms Elisabeth Roos was exposed to have secretly/ unbeknownst to Anand Jon, applied for a job with the LADA, i.e. the adversarial party -during the active case, and in fact went on to switch sides during the crucial juror misconduct proceedings without any waiver from the client.

Original attorney of record Ron Richards who returned for the Juror misconduct preceding was exposed of having sexual relationship with a key witness and improperly influencing them against his own client, and has since had a child with her. As a result of the bellow acceptable representation, conflicts and under advice from Ron Richards, Anand Jon fired his entire defense team to proceed in pro se and raised numerous unrevealed issues.

Even at sentencing (August31, 2009) the trial court ruled to effectively insure Anand Jon that in the event these due process violations are later substantiated by witness declarations or by materials from other jurisdictional proceedings like NY, a new trial would be granted.

Unlike the prosecutors assertion to jury that none of their witnesses had any motives in money or publicity or even know each other, the writ shows this was inaccurate as many of these witnesses have since gone on to solicit and appear in media, have been represented by civil attorneys (including Gloria Allred) and have shown to have been in collusion with each other.

Unlike the prosecution assertion to jury that these were all “strictly professional relationships” whereby Anand Jon “lured” these women under promises of fame, fortune and jobs, the writ shows proof of videos, online exchanges, images that show these were personal relationships and in some cases as flat out false evidence introduces in violation of Ca &1473 such as the photos of Anand Jon and alleged victim Tara S kissing and making out in public event in December 2002, months after she claimed to have been supposedly “raped” and “never seen him again” as captured by celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan.

Unlike the assurance to Jury, that their witnesses had no impeachment or prior records, writ shows several not just had impeachment and prior convictions, but appear to have been given secret “deals” to testify against Anand Jon all of which was withheld/ Brady violations.

L.A case controversy and compromise of integrity of proceeding went to the heart of the juror system as the least one juror was exposed to have violated his oath….  Jon had never sexually assaulted. The same juror has now been exposed not just of having lied in the questioner but also solicited additional entrancing information regarding the case from other sources including his tenant and the internet.

Anand Jon comes from a renewed creative heritage including his uncle KJ Yesudas. Many socially conscious projects and charities have been co founded by Anand Jon and his close associates Michelle Rodriguez, his sister Sanjana.

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